Imagine a perfect day at the beach...

...salty air, sparkling turquoise sea, peach Bellini in one hand and a good beach read in the other. You sink your toes in the warm sand, glance over your Cocoplum sunglasses plastic pollution in sight. It's this happy daydream of a clean planet, free of waste, that is the core of Cocoplum.

Based in California, Cocoplum's mission is to reduce plastic waste and raise awareness to the plastic pollution crisis.  Plastic pollution is complicated and there isn't one solution to solving the problem but we believe circularity is a big part of the solution.  That's why we make all of our sunglasses from recycled plastic and then maintain that plastic within our closed-loop system. 

You won't find our sunglasses piling up in landfills.  Instead, we use the same plastic again and again.  Because the reason plastic is a burden to our planet is the same reason it's a perfect material for circularity, it's virtually indestructible. It's time to ditch the old take-make-waste model and embrace circularity.