Imagine a perfect day at the beach...

...salty air, sparkling turquoise sea, a frozen margarita in hand. You sink your toes in the warm sand, glance over your Cocoplum sunglasses plastic pollution in sight. It's this happy daydream that is the core of Cocoplum.
Born and bred in the sunny state of California, Cocoplum isn't your average sunglasses brand. Oh no, we're here to tackle plastic waste and look darn good doing it. Plastic pollution may be complicated and there isn't one solution to solving the problem but we believe circularity is a big part of the solution. That's why our sunglasses are made FROM recycled plastic and made TO BE recycled again and again... and again. And we don't stop there! We actually do the recycling ourselves. It's called circularity and it's what we're all about. That's right, we're defying the norm and taking responsibility for recycling the products we send out into the world. 
Landfills? Pfft, please! Cocoplum sunnies don't hang out in dumps. Learn more about how we keep our sunglasses from becoming waste.
Hi I'm Claire. I started Cocoplum with the sole purpose of making our planet a cleaner place. Once I learned how much plastic exists in the world and that it isn't going anywhere it just made sense to me to create something from that plastic. So I began brainstorming what to make and where to get the plastic from. Eventually that led me to making sunglasses out of prescription pill bottles! I hope you love the sunglasses as much as I do!